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1. IRS Warns of Dangerous W-2 Email Scam

Ministries beware: An email scheme, designed to coincide with tax season, asks payroll and human resource professionals to disclose employees’ personal information. Think you wouldn’t fall for such a scam? You might, if the email looks as if it came from someone in your ministry..

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2. Dual Tax Status: What Does It Mean for Your Pastor?

Under federal law, most ministers have dual tax status. Dual tax status means a minister is an employee of the church for federal income tax purposes, and self-employed for Social Security and Medicare taxes. Here’s what you need to know.

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3. Does Your Pastor Really Have 99 Kids?

Submitting an accurate Form W-4 is important, so unsurprisingly, an inaccurate claim can have serious consequences. Some ministries are claiming 99 dependents on their pastor’s Form W-4 to ensure that a pastor’s pay is not subject to federal income tax. Learn more about why this and other inaccurate claims should be avoided.

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4. Income Tax Results Made You Sick? It's Time for a Checkup.

Back when you started your job, you likely filled out a Form W-4. Since then, life has changed—possibly with a marriage, a new child, or a raise. Now that income tax filing season is over, did you end up owing taxes, when you expected a refund? Or perhaps you experienced month-to-month budgeting issues, because too much was being withheld from your wages.

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5. April is Triple Tax-Deadline Month for Many Ministries

For many ministries and their employees, April is a triple tax-deadline month. Does your ministry have the following dates circled on its calendar?

Tags: church payroll, finance, IRS regulations, paying employees, tax code
6. Religion, Politics, and the Tax Code

The U. S. Tax Code allows donor tax deductions to religious organizations, but the deduction comes with conditions that require the ministries to limit political activities. The best known condition is the rule against involvement in political campaigns.

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